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Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazz

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This is a fantastic book ab[1] out networking that I highly recommend. The whole point is that if you can make meaningful relationships with people irrespective of how you meet them you can expand your network. This allows you to achieve more to help you and your network. Don’t just attempt to make connections via work and forget about trading business cards at networking events.

It ia important to use positivity, generosity and actively seeking out opportunities to meet others who share a common purpose. Then you will establish meaningful bonds.

Contains historical examples such as about Benjamin Franklin and author’s own experiences of networking. If you can’t help someone, then perhaps you can help their child. This book suggests tactically planning which key people you should meet. Then put in efforts to develop these relationships, suggests using diary reminders to frequently contacting people in your network.

Book states you can successfully merge your work and social life, thereby you will not have the stress of maintaining boundaries between them. If you’re the same authentic person and true to your values, no need to separate these things. Being authentic and interested in helping others is what is needed to succeed in networking!


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