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Oversubscribed: How to Get People Lining Up to Do Business with You by Daniel Priestley

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Oversubscribed is when supply out strips demand.  The main example is American actors, only 1% of them make above minimum wage, with very few earning large amounts, these few are ‘oversubscribed’.

The four drivers for market imbalance are: Innovation, Relationships, Convenience and Price. 

People buy what they want not what they need. Promote your customers not yourself. In particular a success story of a customer and a customer speaking highly of you recommending you is what you want to aim for.  Giving personalised service is important.

Make sure you know your true capacity so you can provide excellent service and obtain delighted customers.  This may well include declining work and putting people on a waiting list so that when you are ready they get great service. 

Realise what is your core offering to clients is?

Get seven hours of contact time before the sale, this builds trust and is why advertisers pay certain celebrities lots of money as they already have a connection and trust with their audience.

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