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Set Your Voice Free: How To Get The Singing Or Speaking Voice You Want by Roger Love

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Very different from usual books I read but would highly recommend, has many improvement themes throughout. Written by a voice coach to the superstars, Tony Robbins, Michael Jackson … the list goes on. Outlines that the three types of breathing chest, middle and head.  To perform chest (diaphragmatic breathing) think of a balloon inflating in your epigastric region, then deflating off its own accord. Head breathing tends to be higher notes, by tilting your head up you achieve higher notes.

The importance of trial and error in improving your voice and ability to sing. Often singers actually damage their vocal cords when speaking as opposed to the singing, so speak without putting strain on your vocal cords. Suggests singers should find their ‘middle’ and practising this so they can effortlessly move through different notes. Suggests if you are a singer it is important to write your own songs and keep putting your content out there this allows improvement. Aim for improvement not perfection.

Stresses the importance of persistence to improve yourself, make others who know you aware that you are trying out new things, but be prepared that they may well not be supportive. Best at times to try it out your new attempts for voices on strangers.

When you think you are over exaggerating you probably aren’t, you are just used to how you sing or speak due to years of habit.

Drink water to help your voice, don’t smoke and avoid too much dairy. Posture is important to assist projecting your voice.

A higher tone of voice at times can appear seductive but at times timid, lower tones may appear more authoritative but at times too direct.

The importance of being able to use all the range is stressed so can adapt to the situation. Speed of voice should vary and be adjusted according to what you wish to put the emphasis on. When doing talks or YouTube videos try not to use symmetrical hand motions too often as this can appear staged. If you smile and widen your mouth can out strain on cords, if you open your mouth wider this overcomes this and helps.

Experiment and enjoy different sounds, find you own voice and be true to yourself.

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