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Personality Hacker: Harness the Power of Your Personality Type to Transform Your Work, Relationships, and Life by Antonia Dodge and Joel Mark Witt

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Detailed book about Myers-Briggs and goes into some detail about how different personality type is synonymous with different cognitive functions. The functions came first which are then based on four letters.

Actual difference between introversion and extraversion is this: For introverts, the inner world (the world inside of themselves) is the “real world,” the world that really matters. For extraverts, the external world (the world outside of themselves) is the real world.

Sensors choose to focus on the past and present events that are most important. Sensors can’t rely on what hasn’t happened yet, so the future is far less interesting. On the other hand,

iNtuitives are comfortable with seeing what isn’t there. The past doesn’t really hold their interest. iNtuitives learn to

trust pattern recognition to help them understand information quickly, whereas sensors perceive reality is reliable and speculation isn’t.

Suggests each part of the mind has a function, book divides this into four:

The dominant aka driver

The tertiary aka 10 year old (these are both the same in terms of introvertion or extrovertion)

The auxillary aka copilot

The inferior aka 3 year old (these are both the same in terms of introvertion or extrovertion and must be opposite from above)

So basically each mind has some components which are extraverted and some introverted, with dominant components being well developed. The well developed components can be noted from your Myers-Briggs personality type. Generally the less well used parts can be emotionally immature.

The brain prefers to use it’s dominant sections, but sometimes the less well developed component can come into play, this may manifest as an outburst or the like. Knowing when this occurs for your own personality is important so you can identify this and perhaps take time out of a situation until your preferred thinking style is back in play.

Book goes into detail about each Myers-Briggs personality type and how they tend to see the world with suggestions of how they can improve themselves. Worth reading the section that fits to your Myers-Briggs personality.

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