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Real-Time Relationships: The Logic of Love The Philosophical Truth about Family Friends Lovers and Culture by Stefan Molyneux

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This is a thought provoking book which will challenge assumptions about human behaviour and motivation. Is quite lengthy, examples of content; if an old friend is meeting your new partner would you change your behaviour to try to get them to get along? Most people’s answer is yes, a bit. This book challenges this response stating you are providing power to others and instead should be confident and just pleasant to them both.  You can control yourself, not others.

Regarding trust suggests you should trust others and then if they abuse the trust not to progress further.  It is rather this, than to expect foolishly others will be helpful towards you with the intention of proving that they are trust worthy.

After personal relationships goes on to focus on much larger issues such as politics, diplomacy, red vs blue, slavery and inter country relations. For example America historically leaving British Empire because of the high taxes, then ultimately imposes on itself even larger taxes which is illogical. Quite hard read at parts had to stop a few times to think about this book, but worthwhile.

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