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Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It… and Why the Rest Don’t by Verne Harnish

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Reading this book does feel like work as quite dry and personally was quite glad when it ended. Very directly instructive about how to grow a business.  At time interesting enough and would be particularly useful if you are wanting to become (or are) a CEO or a CFO and are running an expanding company! Mentions specific Harvard Business Review reports that are beneficial to read and numerous books to back up the theories and processes (many of which I have already reviewed). 

Outlines importance of meeting timing, suggests to start these at obscure times like 8.08 so people arrive on time, make certain you finish them on time.  Daily team huddles, keep these brief, with informative descriptions of what you are doing that day to aids collaboration.  Weekly meetings are then shorter if the daily team huddle works well. 

Mentions at great lengths about how to make certain people accountable for particular tasks.  Make a table of tasks in rows and ask every one to complete the blank column with who is accountable for that particular task.  Ask people to complete this without seeing what others write. This will lead to an interesting discussion agreeing who is accountable.

Develop a proper (not a generic copied) vision or mission statement for your company.  When you are the top boss make certain you still interact with customers so know what the demand is and how to expand. Liked the bit (although had heard before) highlighting that increasing number of staff means exponential increase in number of conversations to keep everyone up to date.  Uses this as an example as to suggest that to compete in business, respond quickly to new factors and keep ahead of competition using a daily huddle is key!

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