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SELL LIKE CRAZY: How to Get As Many Clients, Customers and Sales As You Can Possibly Handle by Sabri Suby

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Identify your Dream Buyer’s single most pervasive problem – then offer them the single most valuable and immediate solution.  The author outlines how he is a hard worker with lots of experience in sales gathered from the trenches and wishes to altruistically share this information, cynically the book is a way of obtaining people’s email addresses, by giving this gift this is one of the main tactics revealed in this book.  Don’t immediately try to sell instead give away something in exchange for contact details. 

You can work extremely hard and that there’s no shortcuts.  Be mindful of the Pareto principle in which 20% of the buyers provide 80% of the sales.  Take this further 96%  to 4% – solely focus all your efforts on the 4% of active buyers.  Equally apply the same principle on tasks that you do – focus solely on the most important tasks that you do, only spend time on the things  that provide yo with the highest return. 
In terms of marketing rather than thinking of paying, calculate your return on investment then put more cash into it.  Note of caution the algorithms will keep changing so you will need to constantly review this. 

Use Google search autosuggestions and to obtain information about pain points. Have a very targeted customer in mind.
This helps you build a sales funnel.  The key to get people into your funnel is to have a good title that solves an issue which you know your targetted customer is looking at.  Show how beneficial something can be, put a high price then reduce the price temporarily to provide some urgency.  To attract attention to the start of the funnel attract people with news ideally or an opportunity to learn – anything but mentioning the word ‘sale’. 

Include mention of your guarantee such as 100% On-the-Spot Full Refund.  Of note by law most countries make you have a guarantee but displaying this prominently will let people know that you aren’t a scammer.  For every potential client who takes advantage of your liberal guarantee policy, you’ll get five honest prospects to say ‘yes’ when they otherwise would have been too sceptical to buy.

You want to warm up your traffic until they are hot, so they want to buy. 
Cold: Tinder Traffic
People have no idea who you are.

Second Date Traffic
They’ve met you, they know you, but they’re not sold on you.

Netflix and Chill Traffic
The equivalent of a long-term relationship, they know all about you.

Serve the right message – if you serve a Hot Netflix and Chill message to Cold Tinder Traffic, their reaction is going to be, ‘I have no idea who you are, so….’. Equally if you serve a Cold Tinder message to your Hot Netflix and Chill audience, they might be offended ‘it’s like you don’t even know who I am’. 

Sell like a doctor is a concept by this it means find out what the prospect wants first before selling.  This would be the history taking – where is their pain? Obtaining insight before providing your solution also helps build you credibility. 

Building your own email list is the best way of generating income.  Allows for scale and doesn’t rely on any third party who could just change their terms and conditions.  Seemingly you can increase your computer’s IP score which will reduce the chance of your email being filtered out.  As a rule of thumb for sending emails in two thirds of your emails give benefit and only in one third try to sell.  Aim to be keep your emails friendly and more importantly interesting. Short and personal. Of note lose the images headers as these imply selling. 

With your emails be sure to create intrigue with the title line.  Seemingly Tuesday 10pm is best day and time to send emails.

A business owner is someone who mistakenly believes that simply having a great product or service is enough to achieve success. Instead aim to become a business builder, an entrepreneur with a strong focus on sales and marketing. Being able to leverage and delegate anything in your business that doesn’t move the money needle and push your business forward. 

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