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Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates WorldClass Performers from Everyone Else by Geoffrey Colvin

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Typical inspirational book very much into develop excellence via deliberate practice with at least 10,000 hours.  Continue to push yourself with a goal in mind.  Best motivation tends to be first arise from external pressures such as parental or a teacher or a coach, then the motivation becomes internally driven.

If you come from a small place this can be helpful as initially your confidence may be boosted by everyone telling you how good you are.  However when you move to larger place with other equally good people internal motivation is the thing that will help you keep practising.

Examples such as the world class golfer Tiger Woods and violinists (whose brain actually changes in region that has motor control of left hand) are mentioned in this book in terms of practising. Interestingly puts an argument that medical school is excellent partly due to fact teachers are practising clinicians and often researchers as well. The student gets frequent exposure to future work area reinforcing learning points, author suggests same should occur in business school.

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