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The 12 Secrets Self-Made Multi-Millionaires by Denis Waitley

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1. Believe you’re worthy of being rich
2. Money should not be your main motivator
3. Become a trend spotters so you know what to invest in – lead your life like a business & upskill yourself
4. Possess focus and a vivid plan
5. Use compound interest – consider Dow Jones investment – never use credit for depreciating assets
Budget firstly for survival,

then for stability (3 to 6 months income / medical insurance),

any overflow cash can go into the quality of life the standard of living holidays / type of home.

Following this aim for financial security- amount of income to mean you won’t rely on income. The final step is independence – work is a choice
6. Make it on your own and importantly teach kids to earn and survive on their own.  Not to become dependent – give them wings rather than things. Money is enjoyed more when you have earned it!
7. Be comfortable with risk – change is inevitable
8. Live below your means. Status isn’t important. If you have a strong self respect you can possess a modest image. This allows you to invest.
9. Maximise time and resources.
Specialise before you diversify too much – remember to keep your focused vivid plan.  Aim not to t trade hours for dollars – invest in a rapidly growing business
10. Have the mindset of being a free agent rather than an employee. Work needs to be fun
11. Persistence, pacing and patience are key. Failure is simply delay never defeat.
12. Life is not a treasure hunt – life is the treasure. Every day is happiness- enjoy it

Aim to be cool, calm and competent under fire. Get comfortable with the unfamiliar.  Don’t have a victim mindset.  Do new things and try to make one new friend per month. Listen to wisdom of others. Expect the best, plan for the worst and prepare to be surprised.

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