The 5 Elements of Effective Thinking by Edward Burger and Michael Starbird

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1. Understand deeply the basic ideas.
2. Make mistakes, fail fast & often, learn from this, fail 9 times succeed on the 10th.
3. Raise questions, ideally the correct ones.
4. Follow the flow of ideas, understand the context of where ideas came from taken into account the cultural norms of that time.
5. Change and be open to new ideas, adopt the habit of improvement. Do things with your eyes open adopt healthy habits of learning new skills and keeping fit in life

These ideas can be represented as four elements if helps you remember this:
1. Strive for rock solid understanding, earth
2. Fail & learn from those mistakes, fire
3. Constantly create challenging questions, air
4. Consciously observe the flow of ideas, water
Remember learning remains life long journey

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