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The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence a proven formula that has worked for thousands and now can work for you by Robert Anthony

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No person is ‘what he thinks he is’ but ‘what he thinks he is’ if you like quotes like this then this short book will be perfect for you!

This mind screens everything that goes into your unconscious mind. To unlock the power of your unconscious mind change what you focus on. The world is built up of different things and there are many opportunities but these all relates to what you choose to focus on.  If you’re truly wanting something desire it deeply then the unconscious mind will bring that! Whatever you do, do not focus on things you do not want.

You will get what you want when you feel as if you have it already. Utilise positive visualisation techniques and affirmations to enable this. Think about things that you truly want.  Everybody says they want these things, but there is an underlying reason that people actually behave to get things.

Aim to become self-reliant and not compare yourself with others, this allows you to focus upon living in the moment and improving yourself.

Don’t seek praise as this can influence, praise is a value judgement.  Recognition is different as this thanks for actions without influencing.

If you want to be successful you have to actually take action and focus on the things you want – the magnetism and power of the mind will attract them!

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