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The 8 proven secrets to SMART success by Peggy McColl

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Short book that does regurgitate some of Napoleon Hills ideas which are always good to revisit. Here are the 8 ‘secrets’:

1. Be aware. This means that you can create opportunities for yourself and they always surround you

2. Set your Intentions from your desires. In essence set goals. Later in book contains this list about goal setting:

A. Visualize yourself already in possession

of your goal.

B. Act as if you have already achieved your


C. Write out your top goal on a 3” x 5” goal

card and carry it with you wherever you go and read it.

D. Write out a detailed description of your

life as you would like it to be.

3. Take Consistent, Persistent SMART action. As suggested keep pursing your goals, dont share these with people who won’t support these.

4. Believe in yourself. Also have confidence in your abilities, high sense of self esteem and self worth.

5. Have Absolute Faith. Visualise your goals and have absolute faith that you will achieve these.

6. Overcome Obstacles, Adversity and Challenges. Obstacles are inevitable. Has example of Abraham Lincoln’s failures prior to becoming president. Contains this list of five ways to help you manage through any challenge, obstacle or


A. Don’t make it bigger than it is.

B. Look for the gift.

C. Learn from it.

D. Look past it.

E. Be relentlessly


7. Be A Student: Study Success. Relentlessly pursue knowledge. Here is a list about how to be a good student:

A. Be open minded

B. Sit in the front row

C. Be an Observer

D. Seek for answers

E. Create the answers

F. Develop a learning curriculum and follow it

G. Learn from experiences aka mistakes

H. Be an expert

8. Be A Master. By this it refers to being a Master as someone who shares knowledge with aim to help other people become Masters. These other Masters then share knowledge to help more people achieve their goals. In essence disseminating knowledge to spread good to others without any intention of obtaining a return is a good thing.

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