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The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant to Do by Jeff Goins

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Contains stories about inspiring people and how they achieved success. Main point is that life is short so don’t live in fear of failure. It is the moments along the way, sharing these with people you care about that are most important.

Take action pursue your dream, you may obtain a moment of insight when you realise what your purpose is.

Aim to get into flow state in which you challenge your abilities appropriately. If tasks are too easy you will get bored, if too difficult then you won’t enjoy it.

Mentors are useful but rather than looking for a specific mentor you don’t yet know, instead open your eyes and you may well find people who have skills they can mentor you in that you already know. Realise you don’t have complete control over where life will take you so enjoy the journey and don’t neglect important people due to work.

Work towards something bigger than yourself. Realise there will always be work ongoing that is required, which is fine, you can’t achieve everything but enjoy what you do achieve.

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