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The Science of Influence: How to Get Anyone to Say “Yes” in 8 Minutes or Less! By Kevin Hogan

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Book starts with a lot about attractive people who do better than less attractive people in terms of earnings, choice of partner and opportunities to make friends. Attractive people tend to be more at ease and confident in social settings than others are, this is in part because of all the positive traits that others non-consciously ascribe to these individuals. Attractive people are constantly approached with more positive interactions, which is then not surprising as that the person then is likely to develop positive verbal and non-verbal responses to that behaviour. This can in turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy in which the attractive person becomes happier. Therefore do what you can to look as good as you can, lose weight if necessary, dress sharply and smile.

Factors that make up credibility

1. Competence

2. Trustworthiness

3. Expertise

4. Likeability

5. Composure

6. Sociability

People in general crave direction, therefore provide them with direction that wires into their non-conscious drives. In addition people want to believe they are in control, and feel better when they perceive they are.

To help resolve other people’s cognitive dissonance narrow options and alternatives quickly and decisively.

If you are selling something be aware that your profits will increase with fewer choices for your clients and customers. For example with car colours there tended to be a limited number of choices. Too many choices means that people will freeze and not know what to do. Try purchasing a new computer and think of several of the variables and you will experience this!

Always be prepared to direct people to the best choice for them. People tend to want what other people have. When people obtain things they overestimate the financial value of this. Therefore using the loss of ownership tactic can be powerful in gaining compliance.

People don’t like cognitive dissonance, most people have a belief, they filter out all other information and do not look for information to refute their beliefs. Most can’t hold two opposing thoughts in their minds, so they simply pick the thought/decision/ belief they currently hold and eliminate the rest without further consideration.

Getting the first yes can be the toughest, getting the second is either easier or more difficult and really depends on your personality.

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