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The Courage Habit: How to Accept Your Fears, Release the Past, and Live Your Courageous Life by Kate Swoboda

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Not feeling great about your life? Stop seeing those feelings as problems to quickly be rid of, and instead pay attention to why those feelings are showing up in the first place.

This book is written by a life coach, book is a step by step self-help guide to increase the amount of courage you have in your life. Lots of this involves writing goals down and trusting the process of change by applying courage as a habit.

Access your body, and note what you feel.  The desire to marry the inner and the outer, which is at the root of what we all crave. To match who we are on the inside (our values, deepest desires, and creative expression) with how we live day today is what creates personal happiness and fulfilment. We want to be the people we feel we’re meant to be. We want to be ourselves, and trust that that’s enough.

Listen without attachment to the ‘internal Critic’ and the stories it brings, this maybe that things such as you are supposed to be farther along than this in your goals or you feel stuck in an aspect of your life. Try to simply acknowledge these thoughts and move on from them.  Or with your internal critic ask it to rephrase in a matter of fact fashion “Redo, please. Please rephrase that.”

Asking the internal critic to rephrase things leads to you drawing a boundary line: The Critic will be listened to, you will no longer go into attack mode, and the Critic cannot attack either. You won’t
allow it to be disrespectful. Expect this process to be one that you repeat regularly and return to any time things are challenging. You don’t “get rid of” your Critic. You just keep uncovering more and more
layers of what it is afraid of and processing those layers. Through processing each of the Critic’s fears, you find freedom from the fear.

Reach out to others who will remind you that even when life has challenges, there’s still a lot of good.

Courage Habit model is about learning to be with the things that are uncomfortable and living from a
place of wholeness. It’s about embracing the fear and the courage, the doubt and the success, the expansion and the contraction, and fundamentally trusting in your own resilience, capacity, and goodness along the way.

Trusting the process of change will mean that you give yourself some room to be an imperfect person. We all live an imperfect life. Recognise that the power to be happy is within and you – own this power.

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