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Time Management by Brian Tracy


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Quite like this short book that contains some practical tips focused on optimum time management. Some of these tips are ridiculous such as attending work one hour earlier, finishing work one hour later and working through your one hour lunch break. The main reason he suggests working these additional three hours is that your not going to be interrupted in these times hence will be massively productive. Suggests puting a notice on your door saying ‘Do Not Interrupt’. Laughably says if someone comes to speak to you tell them you are just leaving and for them to summarise to you whilst you walk out your office, before then returning to your office!

When arranging meetings arrange these back to back meetings so people can’t run over. If someone comes to you asking to discuss something with you in a meeting give them the minimal time possible such as 15 minutes instead of an hour so they are more concise.

Outlines emails soon become the main killer to your productivity if you are not careful as you are responding to other people’s agendas, so prioritise your main goals over emails. When speaking to people on the phone for pre planned meetings ask them at the start if now remains a good time to talk, not just because this is polite but because if things have genuinely changed for them it is worth rearranging the meeting. Otherwise they may have a new urgent priority on their mind meaning they wont contribute fully to your meeting which may end up having to be repeated.

Batch similar tasks together to be efficient with these and avoiding multitasking. The book very much advocates planning strategically main priorities at the start of every day, suggests the time spent planning is paid back massively with benefits gained from the act of planning.

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