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One Person/Multiple Careers: A New Model for Work/Life Success by Marci Alboher


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Quite interesting book that outlines the pros and challenges of having many part time jobs, contians examples of people who have done this well. If your main passion is something that may not generate much income then persuing this passion along with a steady part time job that has fixed employment benefits can be a great combination.

The four key transferable skills across many careers are four skills are writing, teaching, speaking, and consulting.

It depends how well the varied roles you undertake fit together as to whether you want colleagues to know about what else you do. As long as there is no conflict of interest you are fine. Many of the examples focus on lawyers (am under the impression they realise their lawyer job is not very rewarding so do other things that provide more enjoyment). The lawyer who is also and yoga instructor would have completely different CVs for each role. Whereas others who may work as a director, actor and website designer may benefit from a combined CV showing their wide interests.

Quote from book “it’s about some variation of that elusive thing we call balance— between stability and excitement, between left-brain and right-brain, between being solitary and being part of a team, between working with one’s hands and working with the mind”

Some work has to have fixed times commitments requiring you to be there in person, others work has more flexibility. Generally you can take on more remote flexible work but would struggle to take on too many roles with fixed time commitments, particularly if you need to be there in person.

By varying the types of role you can keep being productive for longer. In essence you recharge from one whilst whilst performing another and getting inspiration.

Aim to be talented enough so employers want to keep you, then they will be more likely to agree to a flexible working arrangement.

Touches on challenges of managing a career and parenting. If you and your partner both have jobs and kids and a crisis occurs think who is more flexible on that day rather than who gets paid the most. Suggets parenting provides

skills such as time management that are transferable to other jobs and provides many opportunities to connect with others over a shared experience.

Clearly if you need healthcare insurance getting a job that has certain benefits may be of paramount importance to you, make sure you get this from one of your roles. Suggests Europeans can perform work life balance better than Americans.

Many people think you need to have work and life boundaries, book suggests it’s not about respecting boundaries at all. The aim is to let your various vocations and identities commingle. Therefore it can sometimes hard to tell when you’re working or just living a good life.

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