The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster: Surviving the Scariest and Most Thrilling Ride of Your Life by Darren Hardy

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Each chapter relates to different parts of the entrepreneur journey and relates these to the different sections of a roller coaster ride such as queuing to get on.  Contains case studies of successful people, such as Jim Rohn and Richard Branson.

First find out your number one objective, have three or less objectives.  Then go wholeheartedly into this thing which is your unique point. Suggests a nemesis or naysayer is a person who can inadvertently inspire you, be sure to ignore their negativity. Be ready to fail (publicly) and learn from failing but keep trying. Realise that although you are meant to love your work 95% of it is still hard graft. Be organised, delegate what others can do and aim to focus on the high value tasks that only you can do.

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