The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own by Joshua Becker

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This book is by a blogger who started to get rid of his possessions and aims to show benefits of minimalism (perhaps deliberately there is minimal content in the actual book to mention!)

By having less you get several advantages including feeling calmer in your tidy surroundings, more time (as less time moving / maintaining stuff), more cash (if you buy less) and then enjoy what you have more.  Contains a whole section on ‘decluttering’ and uses this word regularly. 

Has few bits from the bible about Jesus saying to give away possessions – church is important to the author.

How to declutter:

1. Get rid of stuff you don’t like
2. Get rid of duplicate items
3. If doubt put in a box with a date on it then when you rediscover it (having not needed it) dispose of it (donate it to charity)

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