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The Nurture Effect: How the Science of Human Behavior Can Improve Our Lives and Our World by Anthony Biglan

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Book aims to provide ideas about how to improve society as a whole.  If you like things such as studies about children who are exposed to coercive behaviour by parents or teachers following up to find their future outcomes are worse than those not exposed to this behaviour you will enjoy this book.

The environment and style of parenting is crucial to ongoing wellbeing of children (quite obvious), cites studies such as investing in family nurses for teen pregnancy. Teens who are deprived are more likely to feel bullied, withdraw from education, find companionship with other people who are less fortunate hence spiral into jail.

Materialism and having financial goals are associated with depression, hence aim to have other goals instead.  The reason is that if you keep striving to get more by comparing yourself to others you will not enhance your happiness.  There is always someone with a better car or a bigger bottle of champagne.

Outlines that if you have lots of advertising particularly for alcohol, fast food, tobacco targeted at children this is extremely bad for the country. 

There are significant issues with income inequality in countries.  If material things are  advertised more then people want things that they can’t have, this can  lead to increasing resentment.  This is the argument the book uses to argues for reducing income inequalities in particular countries.

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