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The Rules of Work by Richard Templar

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Interesting book about the rules of work, contains lots of numbered rules, some are obvious such as showing up on time and attending with enthusiasm. Suggests to strategically plan your roadmap for career success, note this book assumes career progression is career success. 

One should get on well with people at work, in particular get on good terms with the hidden decision makers.  These people may be secretaries who could have direct access and can heavily influence the main boss.

Quite a few interesting tips and observations such as when you go up the ladder you have less time for small talk so therefore you need to be more concise with communication.

Principles such as keeping your integrity and don’t criticize others are included. Guidance about preparing for an interview such as aim to know who else is applying and know exactly what the employer wants.  In addition deliberately network with the correct people, this may include participating in activities to be considered ‘in’ with crowd which will position yourself as a popular leader.  Not only dress for the job you want but even change the way you walk, walk in the same way as the boss.

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