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Think Yourself Rich: Use the Power of Your Subconscious Mind to Find True Wealth by Joseph Murphy

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Written by a counsellor which has fairly religious undertones.

If your dominant conviction is that you are entitled to all the good things of life, such as health, wealth, love, true expression, and the abundant life, you will experience these accordingly. On the other hand, if you feel that you are destined to be poor and that the good things of life are not for you, you are placing yourself in want, lack, frustration, and self-imposed bondage.

Remember, your thoughts have power; they are creative. Every thought you initiate tends to manifest itself, except if it is neutralized by a more powerful thought of greater intensity.

Suggests to follow this procedure to never want for money:

1. Reason it out in your mind that God, or the Life-Principle, is the Source of the universe, the galaxies in space, and everything you see, whether you look at the stars in the sky, the mountains, the lakes, the deposits in the earth and sea, or all animals and plants It is as easy for God to become wealth in your life as it is for Him to become a blade of grass.

2. Decide now to engrave in your subconscious mind the idea of wealth. Ideas are conveyed to the subconscious by repetition, faith, and expectancy.

3. Repeat the following affirmation for five minutes night and morning: I am now writing in my subconscious mind the idea of God’s wealth. God is the Source of my supply, and all my needs are met at every moment of time and point of space. God’s wealth flows freely, joyously, and ceaselessly into my experience, and I give thanks for God’s riches forever circulating in my experience.

4. When thoughts of lack come to you, such as, “I can’t afford that trip” or “I can’t pay that bill,” never finish a negative statement about finances. Reverse it immediately in your mind by affirming, “God is my instant and everlasting supply, and that bill is paid in Divine order. Make friends with money, and you will always have it.”

Look upon money as God’s idea, circulating among nations, maintaining economic health. Claim that money is circulating in your life, and your subconscious will see to it that you have all the money you need.

Don’t think of money as a bad thing. Adopt a new attitude toward money, realizing you are entitled to be richly compensated for your work software engineer, came to consult me.

Attitude is everything, mentions someone who was recently divorced. “My own fault, I guess,” he added. “I’m just not very interesting. Neither is my life. I go to work, I go to the gym, I go to sleep. Then I get up the next day and do it again. Why would anybody want to share that, or even hear about it? That must be why I don’t have any friends—I bored them all to death.” Relates this to a computer system – if it gave the same result you would change it.  Consider the idea that your thoughts are creative if you tell yourself you are boring and friendless, your negative thoughts actually compound the problem. Whatever we give attention to, the subconscious magnifies and multiplies in our experience.  So in this example when his attitude was changed the person gained friends and a more interesting life. 

Trust the Infinite Intelligence of your subconscious mind.

To aid visualizations:

Intuition means the direct perception of truth, independent of any reasoning process. It is an immediate apprehension, a keen and quick insight. The word “intuition” also means “inner hearing”.Intuition goes much farther than reason. You employ reason to carry out intuition. Very often you will find that intuition is the opposite of what your reasoning would have told you.

The conscious mind of man is reasoning, analytical, and inquisitive; the subjective faculty of intuition is always spontaneous. We must listen and learn to heed this inner voice of wisdom. Note this does not always speak to you when you wish it to do so, but it will when you need it.

Will finish with an example of the religious undertones included in this book: “I am unique; there is no one in all the world like me, because God never repeats Himself. God is my Father and I am His child. God loves me and cares for me. Any time I am prone to criticize or find fault with myself, I will immediately affirm: I exalt God in the midst of me.

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