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The Naked Coach: Business Coaching Made Simple by David Taylor

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Written by a motivational speaker main message – believe in yourself, you are enough. Remember when you are a child you knew this, now as an adult you may forget this.

Take action, don’t just talk about it. In particular, do things that take you closer to your dreams.

When you do something that doesn’t work, do something else and if that doesn’t work, then do something – keep repeating this process and don’t give up.

We always overestimate what we can achieve in a year, and we always underestimate what we can achieve in a moment.

You will have no shortage of critics and detractors, the more powerful your idea, the more detractors you will have. Rejoice in knowing it will be these very people who, when you achieve your dream, will come to you and say, ‘I always knew you would do it.’

Encourages autogenic conditioning – known as acting ‘as if’ or ‘fake it till you make it’.

Inspire others by your very presence – by what you say, do, and are.

Real leadership skills that matter.


Ability to build and retain rapport with anyone and everyone

Democratic toughness – seek information but know that, at the end of the day, the buck stops with you.

Other things suggested:

Take the blame for everything, and praise others for everything – sincerely, specifically, and personally.  Ensure that people love coming to work.

Understand that your fundamental task is to motivate others, releasing that motivation into an unstoppable energy, and ensuring that energy is totally focused on achieving your collective dream.

If you have the mindset about learning suggests the moment you know one word in any language, you can speak that language, this allows you to practice and improve.

Top three skills for communications:

Ability to build and sustain relationships;

Willingness to listen – really listen

Being able to show empathy and understanding

Note these are very similar to the desirable leadership skills.

Jobs for life are reducing in number, your present organization may seem like your world, it isn’t, and if you are made redundant believing that it is, that is what you will feel, redundant. This is more likely for people who work to make themselves indispensable by clinging on to their job role, and responsibility over others.

The keys to future success are sharing, collaboration – the ‘we’ being far greater than the ‘I’.

Knowledge is no longer power. Relationships, leadership and teamwork are today’s power.

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