Traction: Get a Grip On Your Business by Gino Wickman

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Explains in detail the proposed Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) which is about how to run and grow your business. Identifies six key components of an organisation then around 16 steps to improve them.  Content such as get agreement on the vision, focus on what business will do well, hire the right people who buy into the values of the organisation and fire those who don’t buy into the values.  The leadership team should meet every 90 days to set one to three measurable business growth plans, per person for next 90 days. When holding a meeting suggests make these regular times and it is important to start and end on time!

If I was running a business would consider following this step by step guide as it does seems quite sensible and comprehensive. Written by a leadership consultant, therefore most of this information he would charge businesses large amounts of cash for. The main point of this book is to keep focused!

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