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Unlimited Memory: How to Use Advanced Learning Strategies by Kevin Horsley

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Written by a Grandmaster of memory who states he had a poor memory, developed techniques to improve his memory then won a contest in which he could recall thousands of the digits from the number pi.

Suggests firstly to get over you beliefs that are holding you back. Focus on positive empowering beliefs which will help you develop the outcome you are hoping to achieve. Make time to improve your memory and overcome any limiting beliefs by focusing on your strengths.

Ask yourself “what would you” do rather than “what if” to improve your thinking style, particularly when thinking about situations that may provoke worry.

Author is very much against multitasking and strongly suggests focusing on one thing at a time.

When you are imagining information see this as vivid images rather than trying to remember it by just repeating a word. Associate unknown with known vividly!

Peg system explained in which you picture something such as sections of a car to then add things you want to remember onto. Mentally visualise vivid objects interacting with parts such as the bonnet, seats, boot to remember these things and particular properties about the things you are remembering.

Walk through your house and assign numbers to unique objects, then when you want to remember things in an order make these vividly interact with the objects in the order of your house to remember this.

For numbers turn them into letters (from how they sound, book contains a list of 100) then turn combinations into words using the pattern to remember order. Takes a lot of practice to get right apparently but very effective.

If you want to learn something for long term keep repeating the visualisation processes. For short term memory do this once or twice, then in a few days you will forget and can use same memory technique to remember similar things in different orders.

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