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Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins

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Book written by a former Navy SEAL who transformed his life discovering he was going aimlessly nowhere. Then developed determination. Outlines what he used to motivate himself; know yourself, know the terrain and know your opponent. Refers to a concept of stealing a soul by breaking down opponents with relentless motivation.

Don’t compare yourself to others as your measure of success. Success and drive come from within. Knowing that whatever struggles you’ve been through are what makes you the person you are today. Turn this into an advantage by using it to motivate yourself.

Channel your fight and flight response so that when you need power the most you have control this to generate a surge of energy. To do this you need to have ultimate control over your mind. This control cant occur with negative thinking you need to have positive thinking and an awareness of yourself.

To overcome challenges realise that people see you through a lens and they may not encourage you to improve yourself. The most important thing is the internal dialogue that you tell yourself to help you overcome any self-imposed limitations and achieve massive goals.

The author describes some of his challenges such as finding out he had an atrial septal defect, growing up with an abusive father, army training camps, ultra marathons and world record pull up attempts. Very motivational if you want to get yourself fit!

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