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Mega Memory! Release All Your Super Mega Memory By Kevin Trudeau

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Starts with lengthy introduction containing information such as don’t eat fatty foods, don’t drink sugary things, don’t listen to this audioversion and drive.  All of which I decided to ignore after stopping for some fast food driving on a long journey loaded on energy drinks!

As title suggests aim is to improve your memory, claims to increase this by 500%.  Here is the process:

1. Are you willing to learn and willing to change
2. You remember and think in pictures
3. Think of pictures and associate these with numbers.  If learning a sequence put this to images such as a cat has nine lives or a car has four wheels.   Make up your own associations, book contains examples, use this to produce twenty numbers.
4. You remember best if vivid & detailed pictures are interacting as if a story
5. Sequencing – think of four rooms in your house, best in order from your front door. Five different items in each room. Run through these like going through your house so you have twenty objects across four rooms firmly ingrained in your mind associated with numbers.
6. Similar to point five sequencing but use ten body parts starting with toes going up to top of head as nine then the ceiling as ten. Encourages you to touch these as you go to make the memories stick (note omits genitalia as a number!).  Then adding these you then have 50 “pegs” in total.
6.VIA: Vivid Imagination in Action, combine the thing you want to remember with the sequenced body part interacting as wildly and unusually as you can.  Think similar to a cartoon, in a way that won’t happen in real life to make it more memorable.  Try to feel it, smell it and taste it (remember you are imagining this but if you can use all sensory modalities will help you remember this. 
7. Break up a word, turn it into pictures based on the way they sound.  For example management could be a simple picture of a man, aged and a mint.  The picture would be an old guy eating mint.
8. If you fail to recall and revise your pegs, make a more vivid picture, get more action in your minds eye picture or if you are stressed may account for why you failed to remember.
9. Remembering names, see the first thing you notice about them, don’t say this out load for example ponytail or big nose. This is a “see peg”. Then also break the name down into a picture for example Bill think dollar bill or Mary think picture of merry-go round.  Use the same picture for the same name but make this interact with their “see peg” so you can remember it is their name. 
10. Similar technique can be used for learning foreign language words, picture this interacting with how the object sounds when broken down into particular sounds.

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