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The Billion Dollar Secret: 20 Principles of Billionaire Wealth and Success by Rafael Badziag

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Big difference between billionaires and millionaires – they own a lot more, not just one hotel for example, many of these.

This book interviews around 80 self made billionaires. Usually billionaires have a ‘can do’ positive attitude and are very driven. Not afraid of trying and failing but have self belief and happy to take calculated risks. Take calculated risks, don’t bet the whole house on something. Take risks when opportunities for gain outweigh potential downsides.

Millionaires want to have personal wealth and lose their motivation when they achieve it. Whereas billionaires are motivated by other things rather than solely personal wealth, they have a strong sense of purpose, and never lose their motivation to grow.  Aim to have a mission and adjust it upwards accordingly as you achieve the mission.

Treat every day as if it’s your last – 40,000 days then you are dead. Think more about irreversible decisions than reversible decisions.  Need to put in the effort in life.

Most people are afraid to fail when they act, so they don’t act. Billionaires are not like most people and act!  Start with what you have, don’t wait until you get something before starting!

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