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The Motivation Myth: How High Achievers Really Set Themselves Up to Win by Jeff Haden

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Focus on doing the things consistently and overtime you will achieve great things.

Enjoy and celebrate minor successes.

To get motivated start the act, the act of making progress then keeps you motivated.

Decide on a large goal then forget about it! Solely utilise that goal to put a process in place to achieve it.  Be then motivated by the process rather than the end goal.

Change one’s wants into needs, for example you must take your kids to school, it’s not want. Use a similar strategy or process with the gym (or other activities you want to do) turn these wants into a must which turns into a habit.

Other parts such as how to be likeable (different from friendly)
1. Don’t talk a lot (i.e. listen)
2. Don’t blame
3. Don’t try to impress
4. Don’t interrupt (ask questions)
5. Don’t control / attempt to control others. Ask how you can help them to do what they want
6. Don’t preach
7. Don’t dwell in the past
8. Be optimistic

Argues that and you should seek to be good at a lot of things rather than one super specialist skill, if you can synthesise information then this is a valuable skill to have.

Breakdown goals into chunks that are achievable on daily basis (mentions example of doing loads of sit-ups over 1 year) argues this technique is a fine way for you notice improvements which then also motivates you.

Managing your to-do lists, suggests to keep these short.  Do the tasks that are the most important or easiest to do which allow you to keep maintaining progress.

Focus on being kind and human to help others. Emulate professionals who you want to be like, the author prefers mentors to coaches, copy their routines.  Aim for 1% improvement on all tasks and be organised. Success leads to further motivation which leads to more success remember to celebrate small achievements.

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