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The Roots of Buddhist Psychology by Jack Kornfield

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A recording of a seminar about Buddhist psychology with a lot of learning points about different concepts.

Concepts such as delusions and greed explored. Enlightenment is obtained by feelings that you are at one with the world as a whole. Aim to get to the point where giving somebody else happiness is enough to provide you with satisfaction.  By giving someone else happiness this can provide you with more happiness than attempting to provide yourself with direct happiness.

Another way to get to enlightenment is to simply be content, being able to just watch things knowing that what you may do may not matter greatly. Being content and forgiving are useful characteristics – example of Nelson Mandela how when he released from captivity in prison over 20 years came out with humbleness and grace and suggests (not bitterness/ revenge). People should learn to forgive and let things be.  There will always be troubles in the world but if you are able to accept this then you will benefit.

Laughing Buddha is within everyone and try to get the chance to be present & share your compassion to help others. Do what you believe, not what you are necessarily told to believe!

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