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The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael Alan Singer

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Throughout this highlights what you pay attention to grows (i.e. don’t think negative thoughts).  Be aware of you thinking, your internal dialogue, observe your emotions, thoughts and ‘let them go’. Often uses re-framing to say that we’re on a planet spinning in the universe as a way of contextualising day to day problems.

You are not the mind; if you are aware of the conscious thoughts behind the mind then you can achieve happiness and completeness. For example your mind will always be striving for external things to try and fix it’s own problem basing them on this. This is unrealistic, be aware of the mind observe it and realise that you do not need to try to achieve external things.  The mind will never be satisfied and always been trying to self protect and conserve itself.  Just don’t listen to the mind, relax realise that it will be thinking about things and over thinking, simply observe this realise it will happen anyway and be content with this.

Elaborates about people’s internal monologues and how annoying these can be frequently providing wrong advice. Realise that your inner voice is always going to have some troubles and problems for you. The way forward is to observe it and realise that it’s wrong at times, the thing you should do is think about what part of you is reacting to a situation rather than what you should do about it. Things will be occurring whether or not you acknowledge them, your thoughts have minimal impact on the outside world by realising this you can be happier.

Ask yourself honestly do you want to be happy always – if so then be happy!

The focus of your energy is on what the most pressing issue is.  You can reset this energy by taking a deep breath and just letting something go. If you’re able to do this rapidly irrespective of the circumstance then you will achieve great things

Book contains profound statements such as: There was a continuity of the conscious in the mind of the being. Consciousness is you if you don’t have any consciousness you don’t exist.

Do not suppress your fears, instead just simply acknowledge them and let them pass.  If you live a life attempting to suppress your fears what you will find is that you will always encounter struggle. If you can become one with your fears so that you do not get afraid of these you will be able to get spiritually enlightened by simply let him go.

Realise that death is inevitable; should be a good thing to propel you into living your life to the full. You then can contextualize any difficulties you may have as minimal on the grand scheme of things. If you are aware of yourself then you shouldn’t be afraid of death as you’re already doing what you can to the maximum of your abilities.

If somebody takes something from you such as a pencil or cuts in front of you when driving instead of getting frustrated by these minor events and waiting for the next bad event to occur that could be bigger simply let go.  Do not allow stress to build up inside.  Relax the tension in your shoulders and you will feel a sense of overall control of your mind and benefits from this.

Internal energy is a thing you can control with enthusiasm stay open so that you can learn to feel love and enthusiasm. Generate this energy to & control your inner energies!

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